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Desorption electrolysis equipment


  1. Desorption under the condition of high temperature and high temperature of 150℃ 0.45~0.55MPa and high pressure, the desorption rate is high: 98%~99.8%.

  2. Low grade of lean carbon (de-gold carbon): more than 70% of users have lean carbon ≤30 g/ton, and more than 95% of users have lean carbon ≤50 g/ton.

  3. Short desorption electrolysis time: ≤16 hours.

  4. Cyanide-free desorption process reduces the cost, is safe and environmentally friendly:

  A) The cyanide-free desorption process does not need to use NaCN, and the desorption liquid in the process can be recycled dozens of times, which can save more than 50% of production costs.

  B) The non-toxic combined desorption agent contains a carbon activator, which can regenerate and activate the carbon, increase the gold adsorption rate by 0.5% to 6%, and bring significant economic benefits to users.

  C) The new non-cyanide combined desorption agent developed by our factory can achieve ideal desorption effect on any gold-loaded carbon that is difficult to desorb. At present, the desorption electrolysis equipment produced by other desorption electrolysis equipment manufacturers only uses NaOH as the desorption agent alone, which is not ideal for the desorption of gold-loaded carbon in some mines.

  D) It is a green and environmentally friendly process, and the workers have a good working environment.

  5. The vertical balanced electrolyzer developed by our factory: electrolysis rate ≥99.99%; with automatic discharge of gold mud function, reducing labor intensity; using the imported cathode network from the United States, the electrolysis effect is good, and the cathode network has a long service life of 0.6-1 years.

  6. ​​The production cost of desorption electrolysis is low. The direct production cost per ton of gold-loaded carbon is 276~666 yuan, which is 65%~85% lower than Zadra, AARL and other cyanide processes.

  7. Solved the problem of difficult desorption of gold-loaded carbon produced from flotation fine gold mines and high-silver mines.

  8. The desorption equipment can realize the automatic and non-destructive transportation of the carbon to the desorption column and the pickling tank for the whole process, without manual lifting and transportation of the carbon into the equipment, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the workers and avoids the loss of carbon during the carbon transportation process. Gold loss.

  9. It can provide high-efficiency equipment for recovering gold-containing carbon powder from water or wastewater, which can recover 3-20 kilograms of gold each year.

  10. The degree of automation is high, the labor intensity of workers is low, and the whole set of equipment can be operated by one person.

  11. The desorption electrolysis equipment of our factory can bring users a higher rate of return on investment and significant economic benefits. After the user replaced the desorption electrolysis equipment of our factory, compared with the original desorption electrolysis equipment: According to statistics, 65% of the users recovered the equipment investment within one year, and 2 of them recovered the equipment within one month after the application. Investment, 8 users recovered their equipment investment within three months after the application.

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