Technical Specifications
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Technical Specifications


   A Key Technical Specifications

  1. Grade of Stripped Carbon ≤30g/t (for 95% carbon, with the lowest achieving 6g/t)

                                ≤50/t (for 95% carbon)

  2. Electrolytic Efficiency ≥ 99.95%

  3. Elution temperature: 150±2℃

  4. Operating pressure:

    ➤ Pressure inside Elution column: 0.5±0.05MPa

    ➤ Pressure inside EW cell: 0.43±0.05MPa

  5. Elution-EW duration: 16 hrs

  6. EW voltage: 2.5~4V


  B. Variable Parameters (subject to processing capacity)

  1. Flow rate of eluate: 4.0-30 cbm/hr

  2.Liquid level of EW cell: initial level 0.28-0.39m; operating level 0.26-1.1m

  3. Electrolytic current: 500-3000A

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