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Product Advantages


1. Elution rate reaches as high as 98%~99.8%, as the elution was carried out under 150℃ 0.45~0.55MPa pressure.

2. Grade of stripped carbon was reduced to less than 30g/t for 70% of users, and 50g/t for 95%.

3. Elution and electrolysis duration is shortened to less than 16 hours.

4. The cyanide-free processing system is safer, more environmental-friendly and cost effective.

    a) We completely remove NaCN from the processing system and make the stripping solution recyclable for dozens of times, saving 50% producing cost.

    b) The absorption rate of barren carbon can be increased by 0.5%~6% by the reactivating elements within the stripping reagent. By doing this, the loss of gold in tail solution can be significantly reduced.

    c) The cyanide-free system is more eco-friendly, providing a safer and more comfortable working environment to the workers.

5. With our innovative design of vertical balanced EW cell, the electrolytic rate can be increased to ≥99.99%. It is more convenient to operate, and the gold slime can be easily collected from the bottom of EW cell. The cathode plates are imported from US, which ensures good electrolysis effects and average service life longer than one year.

6. Direct cost of each ton of gold-loaded carbon is USD 47 ~ 110, 65%~85% lower than processing methods with cyanide such as Zadra and AARL.

7. Our product overcomes the elution difficulties of gold-loaded carbon produced from flotation concentrates or gold ore containing much sliver.

8. The system can fulfill automatic non-loss delivery of carbon all the way from acid wash through elution, completely liberating workers from labor of carbon lifting and avoiding the loss of gold and carbon caused by fragmented gold-loaded carbon.

9. The system is highly automatic and labor-saving. It can be operated by only 1 person.

10. The system has been proven capable of increasing the profitability of a plant. By comparison with their previous equipments, 65% of the customers who replaced old equipments with ours made additional profits, covering the cost for purchasing our equipments, 2 of them achieved increased profit worth the cost of equipments in one month and 8 of them in three month.

11. Maximum processing capacity can reach 20 tons of loaded carbon per batch.

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