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1. The rotary tube can stand a heat up to 1,100℃ without distortion.

2. The innovative method of vibrating feeding instead of screwing one, ensures that there's no fragmentation while feeding in the wet carbon.

3. The new type of thermal insulation layer made of aluminum-silicate wool highly decreased heat loss and saves energy.

4. Compared with diesel fueled regenerator, the electrical one ensures more even heating, larger effective burning space and longer hearting time, which in combination bring better reactivating effects.

5. The new type of heating components last at least 5 years in average, which ensures un-interrupted running of the equipment.

6. TZY carbon regeneration kiln can operate continuous heating for as long as 30-60 minutes, which ensures better reactivating effects.

7. Our regeneration kiln is equipped with an automatic constant temperature control system.

8. With no need for diesel storage tank, the electrical kiln is safer.

9. By replacing diesel generator with new type of backup power supply, the safety and reliability of regeneration kiln is imporoved.

10. The whole process of regeneration, including pre-mill, can conduct fully-automatic loss-free delivery of carbon, requiring no need for carbon-lifting workers.

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